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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 84 - Wishing for a home cooked meal

"One of the miracles we saw in our area was a sister who was given a dream of her baptism and the chapel where this would take place.  She searched daily for the chapel until she found ours.  We taught her and invited her to be baptized.  She agreed and then told us of her dream.  We know that the Lord prepares people for us (the missionaries).  It is wonderful to witness these miracles." -- Vila Virginia Sister Missionaries

Its been raining every single day so the temperature isn’t bad.  These last few days its been in the 70’s. 

The good thing about the mission office is really getting to know the mission president.  I talk with him and ask him for advice.

I get to study a lot of apostles talks because I can get on and have some time to study.

We have to be in the office to answer phones so we can’t eat lunch at member’s houses.  We eat out everyday which in the beginning was cool but now I’m so tired of eating out.  I just want home cooked food.

For p-day we went to the discount mall.   We went to the bras and the 25.  I bought a 220 reis shirt for 45 reis at the 25.  We ran into some Americans shopping there. They probably will send you a text with a picture.  The mission president just got back from a mission presidents meeting in Recife.  It is a Brazilian missionary rule now that we can’t shop at the 25 anymore, so we were the last ones to go.  He didn’t say why, but it can be dangerous and is known for thieves.

Photo sent via text from the mall