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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Week 83 - Indexing!

So sometimes when Americans send packages the mail service here tries to get money out of us by keeping them in the mail office.  They make you pay a “fine” to receive the package.  One elder if he wants to get his package would have to pay $800 reis!  If you don’t go pick it up they just send it back to the return address.  This usually happens if the package has a lot of stuff in it or stuff with a lot of value.

[This happened to Dallen's Christmas package last year.  The post office knows whats in them from the custom documents.  Dallen's package was eventually returned]

This past week I went to the temple!  Going to the temple with the mission president and just getting to converse with him the entire day was such a blast. We went out to eat at Applebee’s and I got all you can eat baby back ribs with all you can eat fries and there they have free drink refills! We talked about the temple and marriage and funny childhood stories! It is such a blast to be able to have a relationship with the mission president and his wife!

On Saturday, we went to the mission president’s house. We had lunch and Sister Silcox showed us how to make cookies.  It was way cool.  It was a little weird too because they have carpet in their house.  It's been so long since I’ve stepped on carpet.  Typically, houses have tile floors here.

I’m doing indexing in Portuguese!  It’s interesting.  After I downloaded's indexing program, its been the hit here in the office.  Everyone is doing it during their free time now.  I think I will turn it into a competition to see who has more points at the end of the month or year. As missionaries in the office we can’t do missionary work in the streets so we might as well do service while we are on the computer!

Elder Williams will be my companion for only four more days. and then it will be just me and Elder Marques.