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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Week 85 - Put in an awkward situation

The week went well.  I stressed a lot in the beginning.  A couple situations popped up that neither Elder Williams or I knew how to respond to.  Eventually the area office took care of everything.

MAN preparing for transfers is a TON of work! A lot of work gets crammed into one day. It seems like I’ve been on the go non-stop the entire day.

Of coarse when I had Elder Williams to lean on, nothing weird or bad happened.  The second he leaves tons of problems popped up.  I’m dying.  I’m trying to get in touch with the area office about something REALLY important.  I hope they respond soon or an elder may be deported.

I went to an English school the other week and volunteered to help.  The worker’s jaws dropped. They were so shocked and super pumped to have an American come help them.  In their English coarse they actually have a part about religion so that works out perfect for us! 

We are teaching a man who may be baptized next week.  I don’t know what he will do for sure.  His life has been a little crazy lately. 

The mission president is really concerned about the missionaries.  New missionaries arrive that have heard our mission doesn’t always follow the rules and is disobedient.  It really bothers him.  There was a leadership council yesterday.  They talked about a lot of really good things.  I hope the missionaries soaked it up and are willing to implement changes.

I’ve been given my own dilemma.  One of the missionaries whom I admire a lot has put me in an awkward situation.  He is a good guy, but one of the mission rules is that you first obtain permission before seeing family in the area.  Without asking permission, he arranged for us to have lunch at a relative’s house.

Now if I ask and try to get permission, he will be upset and there will likely be contention between us.  We may not be granted permission which will cause more problems.  If we do nothing and go, we break a mission rule.  That isn’t a good option either.  It’s driving me insane.