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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Week 87 - Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

We’ve been teaching a very special couple for a while.  The husband said he would only be baptized when the missionary who started teaching him returned. [He completed his mission] He went to the temple grounds.  As he walked through the gardens, we talked.  It was wonderful.  He realized he just wanted to be baptized and it didn’t matter who did it.  He is so prepared.  His wife is ready too.  She wanted to be baptized a few Sundays ago, but that didn’t work out.  She said that she wanted to be baptized next Sunday.   She has longed for the day.  Sunday came and it was wonderful. – Jardim Sister Missionaries.

Thank you to all that sent birthday wishes!!!  I had a great birthday lunch at the Mexican restaurant. Lunch was so good!  I also got the box mom sent.   I’m so excited!  I love the Oreo’s and shirts.

Hey, so I’m still volunteering at the English school.    I need to pick a topic to talk about this week.  I think I’m going to talk about Fall and the holidays Thanksgiving and Halloween.  I can bring in the pumpkin Oreos you sent me to share with the class.

The mission president just talked to me.   Depending on if I get accepted and what school I go to and when I would start, he would like me to extend my mission.  This would change my return from 15 March 2016 to 19 April 2016.

There is a lady in our congregation that is super special.   She is very poor.  She does indexing all day.   She has a goal to do 30,000 records by the end of the year.   She already has 19,000 and she just started in November.  She literally indexes ALL day.   She said she has felt the presence of many angels while she was indexing.   She may be financially poor, but she is spiritually rich.

We taught the man from Kenya!  He is scheduled to be baptized on December 6th.  He is way cool. He is really intelligent and well mannered.   He works as a behavior specialist in Africa.   He speaks English, Swahili, French and very little Portuguese.  He really likes the story of the Book of Mormon and is excited to read it.   It was the first time, I think, that I taught a lesson in English while on my mission.   Afterwards, we looked near his house in Kenya and found there is a chapel right down the street.