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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Week 86 - Spirituality sagging

I’ve been teaching at an English school. Tomorrow I’m doing a presentation.

I was at the hospital all day with Elder Nilson. He needed an IV.  The doctor brought this huge three-inch-long needle and stuck it in him.  I totally passed out. It wasn’t like there was blood or anything. That didn't cause me to pass out. When I woke up I watched the doctor take blood out of tons of people’s arms and I had no problem.  But, watching him stick that big sucker in Elder Nilson’s vein made me totally pass out.

OOOOO! WE FINALLY FOUND A MEXICAN BUFFET HERE.  I’ll be eating there for my birthday if everything goes as planned.  I talked with my friend Marcio today. I invited him to come with us tomorrow.  I hope he can go.

I took a couple of pictures today but then I realized that I didn’t have the card in the camera. So they are saved in the camera’s built in memory.  There isn’t a way to transfer them to the card. I wanted to show you my breakfast. A smoothie made with carrots, beats, oranges, and spinach.  It’s super good! Its funny because here in Brazil drinks like this are common! It’s not a diet or health thing.  It is just what people eat (or drink).

The yellow fruit is Passion Fruit or Maracuja in Portuguese.

I miss working with and teaching people in their homes or on the street each day.  It's wonderful when I'm given time with the mission president or his wife.  They're amazing. I absolutely love being around them.  They provide council and have great wisdom. Unfortunately, the majority of the time I’m doing administrative work.  I know the work needs to be done, but I feel my spirituality sagging.

We did meet this African man from Kenya at church. We are totally going to start teaching him!  I look forward to this.

One of the Sister's birthday celebration.