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Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 69 - Teaching!!!

My week really went well.  It was super busy!

The country side of my area.
Everyone works during the day.  At 7:00 pm everyone frees up so we have to plan well.  

A family brought their aunt to church last week and this week we started teaching her.   Her baptism is planned for August 9th.

Family Home Evening.
We are working with a great person.  We had an amazing Family Home Evening together.   We talked about faith.   Elder Ornelas had an American tea-bag and did that thing where you burn it and at the end it flies.   It was perfect.

We are teaching a mother and her daughter.  It is a blast teaching them.  The mother always talks about how she knows we are messengers from God because of the little acts we do.

This Sunday a member brought a friend.  He loved church and is super excited for us to teach him.  We talked about charity and doing things for others.  That same day a homeless person stopped Elder Ornelas and I.  He needed food.  We gave him some juice, crackers, and tuna.  We got him some shirts and sweaters because it’s been cold at night.  You always have a good feeling after you do something to make someone else’s day.  I sing in my head all the time while we are walking the hymn Neste Mundo.   I think in English it is called “Have I done any good in the world today?”

This week our zone had many baptisms.   My district had two baptisms.   Two days this week I traveled to do the baptismal interviews.

The elders in my district baptized a girl that looks just like my sister Tashkie (Dallen’s nickname for Natalia) but she has a darker complexion.

I finished the Book of Mormon this week for the third time which was super neat.   I already started again.   This time I’m focusing on how the gospel blesses families.   I think reading the Book of Mormon is becoming one of my hobbies.

The person we live with is this super old and super nice guy and he sings REALLY good!  This morning we were harmonizing hymns.   I played the guitar.  Elder Farias gave me his guitar, so I get to play around everyday a little bit!

Tomorrow we have interviews with President Silcox.

It is pretty cold this week which has been super nice!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 68 - Life is great!

Today, we have talked about hiking up the hill in my area.

We walk all day long going from the little farms to the center of the favela.   We are teaching a lot of families.  Most are in homes of part members (only some are members of the church).   We have a Family Home Evening planned with one of these families tonight.  The person we are teaching is this super cool dude.

One investigator lives in the favela.  We are trying to help her stop smoking.  She is progressing and has gone from 2 packs to 2 cigarettes a day.

My companion is amazing.  He has only been a missionary for three months but he acts and knows as much as an elder with over a year of experience.  He is way cool.

Our new mission president is super cool.  He even works with the elders!  He goes contacting and assists in teaching.

The ward is great.  There are some families that really help us.  It is a young ward full of many newly weds.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 67 - Jardim Santo André

I will miss the people of my old area.   The members are really helping the missionaries.   I talked with Elder W. Souza, Rogério, and Manu yesterday.  I miss them.   There are going to be three baptisms soon.   I feel super happy to know that the area is strong and growing.

My new companion is Elder Lucas Ornelas.   He comes from the same group of incoming elders that Elder W. Souza came from.   He likes longboarding too!   He is way cool.   He is from the capital of Brazil - Brasília.   He is a great guy that wants to be obedient and follow the mission rules with me.   I’m excited to have him as my companion.

My new area is in Penha.  This is an older area of São Paulo.  My ward is called Jardim Santo André.  I’m in the middle of the favela.  My area is a giant hill.  The members are pretty cool.  The bishop is a great man and the ward mission leader is wonderful.  I feel we will see great success.

Visiting a Favela in Sao Paulo

I'm excited to be serving here.  It is a poor area with dirt roads nestled amongst the wealth of the city.  In this part of São Paulo there are many wonderful and humble people.  Some have turned to gangs or drugs looking for happiness.  My companion has been here for three months and has heard of twelve deaths.   But, don’t worry!   Nothing has ever happened to the missionaries.   Everyone knows who we are and they treat us well.   Besides, I’m three times bigger than most.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is needed by all!  As we turn to Christ we are lifted and our burdens lightened.  Through the atonement we are healed!  True happiness is found as we follow Him.

Lifting Burdens: The Atonement of Jesus Christ

This area is full of contrasts.  For p-day, I think we will go to the mall.   The mall is the biggest in South America! (Centro Comercial Aricanduva)  It has roller coasters inside.  My two cameras are still broken.   Hopefully, I’ll find a place that can fix one of them.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 66 - I'm being transferred.

[Elder Hammond's email connection wasn't working very well this week, so little was received.   This is what we got -- Elder Hammond's Father]

I'm being transferred!   I don't know anything about where or who will be my companion.