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Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 41 - Heat and tragedy

It has been really really hot.  There is not much we can do other than to try and stay out of the sun.  I’ve tried freezing towels and stuff and laying on them but it isn’t really worth it.  There isn’t much you can do except buy an air conditioner -- and that isn’t a possibility.  We just deal with it and drink lots.

We have a baptism this week.  The branch president's wife gave us a referral and he has chosen to be baptized!  We still don’t know if the branch president will baptize him.  He hasn’t chosen anyone yet.

The small branch we serve in is a year old.  Last year there were three baptisms.  We visit the members and are often fed lunch.

Elder Farias with a dog.
My companion, Elder Farias, bought a guitar today.  It's great having him as a companion!  I would like to stay with him for a few more transfers.  He is a great person and I’ve learned a lot of things from him.  I’ve been lucky.  I've liked all the companions I've had so far.

Remember when I talked about the fighting kites (pipas)?  When kids fly them they put broken glass on the string to cut other kite strings.  A young man lives up the street from our friend who’s house burned down.  This past week he was riding his motorcycle.  He ran into one of these strings and died.  It nearly severed his head. It was so sad.  I’m grateful for the gospel, the plan of salvation, and the knowledge we can see our loved ones again.