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Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 52 - Contacting, baptism, and my first year.

This week was really good. We contacted until the end of the earth and got almost nothing out of it. On Friday we did splits with two of the priests from the ward. We taught them how to teach and then Elder Helamã and I each took one and started contacting. It was by far the most fun I have had in the mission contacting. The young man I was with received very blunt NO´s during the first couple of contacts but it slowly got better and better and then someone let us in to teach a lesson! It was a way cool experience for the young man. Now both are going to come out with us every week!

The sister scheduled for baptism on Easter Sunday gave us a heart attack yesterday.  Just before church she came up to us and said she wasn’t going be baptized next Sunday and to call her later that evening. Elder Helamã was dying inside during our sacrament meeting. We called her and asked what happened?  She said no elders you don’t understand. I still want to be baptized!  She explained she is dating a member.  Both she and this member are divorced and they both have kids.  The member hadn’t told his kids about our investigator and wanted the kids to be present at her baptism. She wanted some time for things to settle in with the kids first.  She is very elect daughter of God. She has dreams about everything we teach. She even had a dream that she was inside the conference center before she knew what  general conference was! When we showed her a picture of the conference center she almost had a heart attack.  It was the building from her dream.

Thoughts on Easter by an Apostle of the Lord

It’s very hot here. Not as bad as Mogi das Cruzes though.  The "hot days" are supposed to be over as we are moving into autumn, but I sweat like crazy here. All my shirts are yellow.

I found a guy that plays guitar and I’m super excited to teach him.

São José dos Campos
I’ve been on a mission for one year now.  Time just flies.  It doesn't feel like it’s been a year.   I feel I have my best work ahead of me.