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Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 53 - Love one another, Conference, and Castles

There is a wonderful member here.  He is a great example of loving your neighbor.  He has a property with several small houses on it.  We helped him move from his family’s home to a smaller one.  They have an Arabic man living with them.  Apparently in the Middle East they are killing anyone that is Christian.  He is a refugee and is bringing over the rest of his family soon.  The member is giving them his house because it’s bigger.   Afterwards the man cooked us Arabic food!!! It was so good and different too!

Conference was great!  We watched the Saturday Conference Sessions at the stake building, and Sunday at the ward building.  Watching in Portuguese is kind of boring when it comes to Conference because you see that they are crying or getting emotional but the translator is mono-toned the whole time.  The Portuguese talk was my favorite because we could hear and feel the emotion in his talk.

We had interviews with the mission president this week and he told my companion, Elder Helamã, that he could stay here one more transfer to participate in an upcoming baptism.  This means I’ll probably be here for another transfer too!

My companion, Elder Helamã, is on the right. 
I ALMOST FORGOT!!! THERE ARE CASTLES HERE!!!  There are two in my area. Actually, they are just apartment complexes that look like castles. Only those with lots of money can afford to live there.  You can’t even get close to them but there is a legitimate castle in another area of the mission.

The past couple of days have been really hot. It’s rained a couple times last week.