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Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 51 - Serving in the Jardim Satélite Ward

I’m serving in the Jardim Satélite Ward.  In English that is the Satellite Garden Ward.

Everything is perfect between my companion, Elder Helemã da Silva and I.  We were talking the other night and we have a lot in common.

My week was fine. We did a TON of contacting this week but we only had five people say we could come back and teach a lesson.  We taught one woman already but she told us she HATES reading and probably won’t read the verse we left her with. We will find out how it went Saturday.  We have another lady who is firm about being baptized. She wasn’t able to go to church this Sunday because of work but she already told her boss that she won’t work on Sundays anymore that this would be the last time. So the baptism probably will not be this Sunday but the next Sunday.

Dallen's book bag.