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Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 30 - I'm going to the temple!!!

Wednesday I’m going to the temple!!!  Since I’m in the interior I will be going to the Campinas temple! 

Elder Farias and I have amazing lessons with our investigators but we haven’t gotten any to church.  I am by far having more spiritual experiences with Elder Farias then with any other companion I have had. We are spiritually in sync.  We are always having the same thoughts and during lessons say exactly what the other wanted to say.

My week was pretty good.  The bugs are getting better.  

Finding a house has still been a no go.  In this area everyone requires two people to sign a contract so that if one doesn’t pay the other will.  But the church doesn’t work that way.   We have found a ton of perfect houses but because of the two signatures rule we cant rent them.  A member is taking us house shopping later this afternoon.

I’m ready to find a new house.  There is one elder I live with that is just driving me insane.  I just have to walk away at times so I don’t get angry.

I have bad luck with beds here.  My bed broke for the second time in the mission.  I think ALL the beds in Brazil are twin sized.  My feet hang off the edge on all of them.

Elder Farias and I are doing a ton of service for the members and investigators this week.  I like giving service.  One plus to serving is I don’t have to walk around in church clothes.