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Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 28 - Dengue fever and my trial

The missionary work here is starting to happen! We have eight new investigators this week and one of the people who previously dropped us returned so we have several people to teach!  There is much work to do in this branch.

My companion has been sick for the past four days. We think he has dengue fever.  The other night we went to the hospital at 2:00 in the morning.  He is in some pain but it’s not as serious as it sounds.  Sister Andrews, the mission president’s wife, told him to stay in after 5:00.   We still go out and work because he refuses to sit around.  He just wants to work.

IT’S FREAKING HOT HERE.  I’m dying.  I literally am sweating 24/7.  The inside of our house is like 88 degrees and the outside is 95.  There is absolutely no breeze or anything.  We have a fan in our house but it does nothing.  The air in our house is so hot.  The fan just blows hot air over you.  I don’t know what I’m going to do about this heat.  I don’t think I’m getting use to it.  I feel like I’m breathing with a blanket over my face.   I feel so claustrophobic.  This is way difficult for me and has become a big trial.

We found some potential houses in our area.  We just need to get the mission president or one of the secretaries to come look and approve one.  They haven’t had time to do that with my companion being sick.

I had an interview with our new mission president this week that was great!   He gave me direction.   He isn’t worried about numbers at all.   He just wants me to always have the Spirit with me and to work hard.

I get feed well here!  I ate chicken hearts the other day.   They were terrible.   They just tasted like blood to me.  I have had churrasco six times!  Churrasco is barbeque Brazilian style.  They use salt to season the meat.   They use all kinds of parts from cows and chickens.   They also use sausages.