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Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 27 - A great and terrible week

This week has been both great and terrible.   Conference was great!   It was really nice to hear Portuguese live from one of the speakers.  It was more difficult to understand the translated messages.  Please post Elder Bednar’s message to my Facebook page.   I really liked it.

It has been a terrible week for our investigators.  Satan is working overtime.   We have zero people in our teaching pool.

My companion and I are searching for an apartment.  I’ve already talked to the zone leaders, but one the reasons we want to get a new house so badly is because we don’t want to live in the rat infested place we have now.  I haven’t sent pictures of our current house because it is so trashed.  I’ve been trying to clean and reduce the problem, but we literally have rats and bugs throughout.

I have an interview with the mission president this week.  I look forward to that!