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Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 29 - Trials and tribulations

It has been hard. I feel like my mission trials are really starting.  Trying to battle the bugs and the weather is getting to me. I had thoughts about coming home this past week but my week ended good and the weather cooled a little.  I am pushing forward.

I get eaten alive here. I wake up just about every night because there are so many mosquitos around.  I end up breathing them in during my sleep.

I slept at another missionary’s house last preparation day.  They have a hammock outside.  It was crazy hot so I went to sleep in the hammock.  It was way comfortable and there was a little breeze but I was getting eaten alive by the mosquitos.  I went back to the mattress in the middle of the night.  Later, I felt something on my arm and I thought it was a mosquito.  When I swatted it, it was something huge.   I got up and opened my blanket and I had cockroaches all over me!  I didn’t sleep the rest of the night.  It really bothered me.

My legs and arms look just like chicken pox.  In our house we play a game where we see who can kill the most mosquitos at night.  Last night I killed twelve.

We have one fan in our house and because my bed is in the middle of the room I am lucky.  I have the fan blowing on me all night but mosquitos still bite me.

I haven’t seen bug spray at all.   Someone told us that you can buy a thing to stick on the wall to keep the bugs out but I haven’t seen it anywhere.  I asked around about where to buy mosquito nets but no one knows of a store here.

In turns out my companion didn’t have dengue fever.   He is just fine now.

We received a lot of references from the members this week, which has been a blessing.  We see progress with our investigator’s testimonies but getting them to church is still a battle.