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Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 73 - Cuiabá to Vatapá

My new companion is way cool.  His name is Elder Gustavo Medina. He is from the hottest city in Brazil called Cuiabá. It's 125 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.  He has one more transfer then I do. He will study electrical engineering after his mission.

We are opening up this area.  I’m new and I wasn’t left with any investigators.  We were able to find seven homes to teach in this week. Some are families which is always nice. I like teaching families. A couple of the people we teach have a lot of problems. The gospel of Jesus Christ is needed by all.

The bishop here is a super good speaker. He is the institute director.  The other day we planned to meet with him but our meeting was canceled.  Two members of the quorum of seventy showed up to speak with him.

I’ve had so many amazing experiences on my mission.  I couldn’t even give a talk anymore without sharing some of them.

I’m losing a ton of weight here in this area.  I can’t eat like I use to.  After the food contest in Mogi I haven’t eaten as much anymore.  I don’t think it is possible for me to win the t-shirt at Spock Burgers.

The picture of that orange soup is called vatapá.  It’s north eastern food. You would probably love it. It’s Brazil’s take on curry.  I think the food is way good here.  It’s not weird or sketchy.  A lot of dishes use rice and beans.  You can’t go wrong with those ingredients.  The BBQ here is the bomb! Pizza is different, but I like it too.  I often eat beans on top of spaghetti.