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Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 61 - Amazing investigator

This past week wasn’t the best.   We had many appointments fall through.  I do have a highlight though:

I met an investigator that used to own three companies.   After some bad decisions he lost everything and was living in the streets.   He doesn’t have much.  Often he only has rice for a meal.  He is super cool and plays the guitar.  Last night a man entered his house and stole the most precious things he owns which are his two acoustic guitars.   He literally has nothing and is super sad about the guitars.

He is changing his life.   He is working hard to prepare for baptism.  He hopes to be baptized soon but isn’t quite ready.   He amazes me in how he is able to focus.   This man literally has nothing but that’s not what is important to him.  What’s most important is being baptized.   He will be a leader in the church someday.

Picture from many months ago.
I’ll be getting a new mission president in two weeks.   My new mission president is  Roy W. Silcox. He is a professor from BYU that teaches physiology and developmental biology.

My camera is still broken.   A member sent it off this week to be fixed.   It will be three weeks before I get it back.  Ugh!