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Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 64 - The gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives!

We had a baptism this week!  He wasn’t my investigator.  The other Elders in this area took me when teaching him.  He is super into guitar and I really like him.  The gospel has blessed him greatly and helped him overcome much.  At one point he was homeless but now he has a job and lives in a house. He will receive the priesthood next week!

The gospel of Jesus Christ doesn’t have a book cover.  It is LITERALLY for EVERYONE who accepts it.  The atonement physically, spiritually, and mentally changes us.  There are no limits!  The more amazing thing is we can apply the atonement in our lives -- anytime and anywhere!

I feel he will be a church leader in a few years.  He is an amazing example of how the gospel changes lives!

Elder Souza and I were cut off by ALL of our investigators but we have been trying to find new people to teach.  It’s really hard.  Our area is more then 20 years old and it’s the smallest area in São José.  This means most people have already been introduced to the missionaries.

Elder Souza and I fasted and prayed that someone would come to church this week but in the end no one showed up.  As we were leaving, a woman walked in and said that she was looking for us. Our prayers were answered!  We look forward to teaching her.

I helped Elder Peterson in Jacareí this week. This month they have a party called  festa junina. They eat something called bolinho caipira and drink this cider made with ginger. Jacareí is super cool.  The church building there is one of the most beautiful I have seen in Brazil.

Elder Faustino and Elder Farrias served there and now Elder Peterson is there. It would be fun to serve there someday too.

We went to the city park today where there are capivaras but we didn’t see any.  We played soccer and had a good time.  Tomorrow Elder Faustino is going to come work with me.

My camera is still broken.  I’ll need help from one of the members to get it fixed.  I need someone to take me to the place that fixes them.  I’m really stressed about this whole camera thing.