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Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 62 - King Kong, chickens, and old shoes.

This week was going great. We were able to teach a bunch of lessons to members and my district had four baptisms scheduled for next Sunday. My companion and I are teaching two of the people preparing for baptism and Elder Peterson and his companion are teaching the other two. Saturday everything just plummeted to the ground.  All of our baptisms have been postponed.

Some good news is that I'm super excited for an eight-year old girl that will be baptized in a couple of weeks. She is super funny and a handful for her mom. She’s the daughter of the family with all the animals.  She is super cute and active.  Her mom will for sure take a ton of pictures before the baptism.  I’ll get some from her since I still don’t have a camera.

The daughter has some chickens as pets.  They don’t stay in the house, but she brings them in for visitors.  Chickens are actually pretty cool and they like being petted.  Hers are super cuddly.  They lay normal eggs but there is some kind of bird here that lays tiny colored eggs.  You can buy them at the super market.  A lot of people like them.

My companion and his family are amazing. They used to drive eight hours to attend church on Sundays. They live in the middle of nowhere.  He is the first missionary to leave from their small congregation.  I think he will help a lot of missionaries be obedient.  He is a great example to the other young men in his congregation.

I went to the mall today for p day because they had these giant mechanical robots of animals. They even had King Kong, which was way cool.  We also played some soccer

My shoes are falling apart.  They are really bad and both pairs have holes in the bottom.  I plan on buying construction shoes that a lot of the elders use because they are super durable and they aren’t that expensive.