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Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 55 - Dengue Fever

I was struck with dengue fever the entire week.  Boy, let me tell you dengue sucks!  I called sister Andrew the mission president’s wife.  I was either in bed or at a member’s house the entire week.  With dengue you have a super high fever, a migraine, and throughout your body your muscles just ache and throb.  I couldn’t even sleep.  I had to buy a ton of Gatorade because you dehydrate super fast.  I also bought Tylenol for the aches.  One of the members said açaí is really good to eat when you have dengue.  It's like coconut water on steroids but I didn’t have the money to buy any.  Dengue is super bad here right now.  Everyone has it.

The other elders had to come over to teach some of our investigators.  I didn’t feel like eating much.  One day we ordered pizza and I was only able to eat one slice.  That day I had a temperature of 102.

All I know is that I don’t want to get it again.  I’ve been told that it is usually worse the second time. It is a virus. You don’t catch it from someone.  Mosquitos transmit it.   I live in an apartment on the fourth floor.  Mosquitos can’t even fly that high.  I probably contracted it in the house of someone we taught.

Things have been going great for Elder Helamã and I.  The fruits of our labors are starting to show. I'm hopeful there will be many baptisms this transfer.

I feel bad for my companion.  He is being transferred tomorrow.  Elder Helamã is sad too.  He taught this good sister that will be baptized Sunday and really wanted to be there.  Today we going around to let him say goodbye.

We will go to São Paulo tomorrow morning.  That is where Elder Helamã and I will get our new companions.  They don’t give you information on transfers anymore to try to stop all the rumors that end up going around. You just show up and they introduce you to your new companion.

Campos Jordão was so freaking cool!  First off its cold there!  Second its like Switzerland!  I’m just in love with this town.  Check out my pictures: