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Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 24 - The gospel blesses lives!

Elder G. Santos and I have taught 39 new investigators this transfer!  Yesterday was really good for us!  At church the people we were expecting didn’t end up coming but we had new people visit! This women and her daughter were researching the church and saved the address.  They came Sunday and are just great! Having people research the church on the Internet is almost unheard of!

Elder Faustino and Elder Diaz were here yesterday because Elder Diaz is going home next week and the mission president said he could visit the area with another elder.  Elder Faustino volunteered of course.  It was way fun! We visited many families.  The last family we visited was a family that Elder Diaz helped teach and baptize the non-member father.  The family bore their testimonies to us about how grateful they were for the missionaries and how the gospel has blessed their lives. It was way cool to hear.

This week I think the biggest thing I noticed is how the gospel affects families and how much happier they are.  There is such a big difference seeing and teaching families that don’t have the gospel.  Seeing it just makes you desire to preach the gospel to more people.

I’m having trouble sleeping at night.  It’s so freaking hot.   It’s like 94 degrees here at 10:00 am in the morning.  If I go to the interior next week it will be even hotter.  I actually feel like I need to use sunscreen.  I’m glad there was some in our house because I’m never going to buy it.  It’s very expensive.  (like $R50) Because it’s so hot I’ve been buying a ton of coconut water and all kinds of fruit juices.  It’s just like heaven on earth!

It’s actually dry in São Paulo plus we are in a drought.   The reservoirs are low.   Don’t worry.   We still have water in our house.

I had two crazy bad noses bleeds this week. It freaked out Elder G. Santos so he called Fabio (The mission doctor) Fabio said if it gets worse they will cauterize my nose.

Oh! I shook hands with the monkeys in the museu the other day!!!  Of coarse it was the only day I didn't have my camera...