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Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 22 - Pancakes, sugar cane, and broken showers.

As far as me week went it was really good! We are busy and are teaching a ton of people. Unfortunately none of our investigators came to church this week.  One of the families came to the primary [young children’s] activity Saturday. Primary activities here are way cool.  Each ward [congregation] in the stake [group of congregations in a geographic area] did a choreographed dance from the music of a Disney film and it was way fun!

Down in Brazil the showerhead has resistors in it that heat the water as it exits.  Our resistors broke Tuesday so this entire week I have either taken a freezing cold shower or I get a pot of water and heat it up to shower or wash the clothes. It’s not very fun.  We bought new resistors and tried to fix the showerhead but that just turned our showerhead into a light bulb for a couple of seconds before it broke again.

The weather has been really weird but never terrible for the most part.  It’s been nice because its not super hot and 60 degrees isn’t cold to me.

There is the drink here called cana (Sugar cane) and I’m freaking addicted!!! They have this special machine that smashes the sugar cane to get a liquid.  They take this and then put a little lime juice in and it’s the best!

I made pancakes for Elder G. Santos the other day and they were delicious!!! I made an orange flavored syrup and it’s so good! Elder G. Santos is just amazing!!! He is the perfect companion!