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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Week 6 - Update on Travel

A quick update from Dallen's dad:

Dallen flew to Brazil through Atlanta on Delta Airlines.   His first leg of the flight went well.  He flew out of Salt Lake City and arrived in Atlanta on time.   However, the Atlanta area was covered in thunderstorms.   Dallen's flight to Sao Paulo was scheduled to leave 50 minutes later.   With the storms, the Atlanta airport was backed up and they waited 20 minutes on the tarmac for a gate.   He went as fast as he could but they had just closed the airplane's door as he arrived at the gate.   He missed his flight.

Delta had another flight leaving for Sao Paulo about two hours later.   They put him on that flight.   It was scheduled to leave at 10:10 pm.   With the thunderstorms in the area, this was delayed even further.  The flight finally left the gate around 11:30.

We haven't heard anything from Dallen and don't know when his preparation day (the day he is allowed to email) will be.   We look forward to hearing from him and hearing all about it...