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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 6 - Travel to Brazil

The elders are always telling me I answer their prayers when I bear testimony!  The reality though is that it's not me at all.  It's the Holy Ghost.  I dont even remember what I say.   I just open my mouth.

I head out tomorrow for Brazil!!!  It's crazy to think that I have been out for over a month and a half and I'm heading out to the field already!  It feels like I have just been here for a week!  I'm the last Brazilian elder in the MTC to head out! The three new elders left this morning for Brazil!  I am really sad to leave tomorrow.  I had to say goodbye to Irmao Belchior and it was soooooo hard. We were both balling. 

Saying goodbye to Irmao Belchior
I dont want to even think about saying goodbye to the rest of my zone tomorrow morning. We are all soooo close! I feel like we have been best friends for my entire life! Saying goodbye to Irmao Nielson is going to destroy me too because he has been my teacher since day one!  I love the MTC soooo much.  I have had may great experiences and have experienced many miracles here! 

Dallen's MTC Friends

Branch President Radebaugh

The Brazilian Missionaries