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Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 77 - Good things happening!

There are many good things happening in São Paulo.  The zone is planning to baptize thirteen people this week!!!  I hope I don't get transferred so I can at least see many of them baptized.  Pray that all goes well. The ward is doing great. Our ward mission leader comes out with us all the time.  My companion is also really good at teaching.

Today was busy.  I went to the famous Ibirapuera Park and then we had a soccer match with many of the missionaries.   I think my team played for a good hour straight.  I'm exhausted.  Since it was in Ipiranga, I called my good friend Marcio.  He came and played with us.  It was a way fun day.

We rented bikes and rode around the park five times. It was nice to get rid of some energy.  It was the
first time I rode a bike in the mission.

So last week it got down to 13 or 15 degrees Celsius  (52 degrees Fahrenheit) and the next day it was 38 degrees Celsius (101 degrees Fahrenheit).  We have two electric fans for the heat.  The heat for sure isn't fun but I'm just dealing with it and going on with life.