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Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 68 - Life is great!

Today, we have talked about hiking up the hill in my area.

We walk all day long going from the little farms to the center of the favela.   We are teaching a lot of families.  Most are in homes of part members (only some are members of the church).   We have a Family Home Evening planned with one of these families tonight.  The person we are teaching is this super cool dude.

One investigator lives in the favela.  We are trying to help her stop smoking.  She is progressing and has gone from 2 packs to 2 cigarettes a day.

My companion is amazing.  He has only been a missionary for three months but he acts and knows as much as an elder with over a year of experience.  He is way cool.

Our new mission president is super cool.  He even works with the elders!  He goes contacting and assists in teaching.

The ward is great.  There are some families that really help us.  It is a young ward full of many newly weds.