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Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 9 - Transfers and Apartment

I didn’t get transferred.  I’m in the same area, which is nice!  It’s finally starting to get cold here so I love the weather right now!   From all the walking and sweating I’m doing I’ve already lost 10 pounds!  The members are telling my face is getting skinner!  I can fit into some pants that I couldn’t fit into at the MTC!

Elder Hammond's study area
Washer and clothes line
Bathroom complete with granite/stainless sink

View down the road.
Elder Peterson got transferred to one of the poorest areas!  He is opening a new area and his companion is twenty-six and speaks no English.  He was kind of nervous but he speaks and understands Portuguese well so will be fine.  

Elder Jacob Peterson
It’s just Elder Faustino and me!  We are getting along great!  I love it!  We have been having a ton of success since it’s just been the two of us!  He knows the scriptures inside and out -- especially the bible because he was catholic before.  He has a way with words and with the scriptures.

Elder Gabriel Faustino

I can understand everything he says.  He helps me a lot with the language! He speaks English pretty well and can read it so if I don’t understand something he reads it in English and then explains.  I study the scriptures verse by verse in Portuguese then English which has been helping a lot.