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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Week 3, part 2 - Random details.

We have four new elders and one sister in our zone.  They are all going to Portugal and are all really cool!!  I don’t have a companion.  I have someone that sleeps in the same room.  We walk together everywhere but we are both solos because we attend different classes.

One of my favorite teachers last day is tomorrow and I’m really sad about that. He KNOWS AND UNDERSTANDS SOOOOOOO MUCH about the gospel! I learn so much about Brazil and how to teach and the things I’m capable of doing if I ask God.  He has an internship so he has to quit working at the MTC.

I ripped a white shirt, which I was really sad about. [Dallen ripped one of his pairs of pants the first week].

My estimated date for flying to Brazil is May 20.  I’ve been told I won’t be going to the Brazilian MTC for part of my language training.