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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 1 - Mission Training Center

The MTC [Mission Training Center] here is pretty cool. Its basically EFY [Especially For Youth].  David Archuleta came here and did a devotional and so did the BYU [Brigham Young University] group Vocal Point and all the girls are going crazy hahah. I wasn't here for David but Vocal Point was really good!

Portuguese is such a beautiful language! I love learning how to speak it! Its really easy for me to understand. Speaking it is way fun but I for sure do not have enough vocabulary to teach yet.  Our first two lessons with investigators where pretty awful. We forgot to bring our scriptures with us both times which really messed us up but its OK.  It's our first week. One of the strangest things now is in my dreams people only speak Portuguese which is way weird but way cool at the same time!

My companions name is Elder Evens who is from Alabama.  It's super nice having a companion from the south! He is funny.  His birthday is November 22 which is insane.  It's one day different from mine. He is pretty cool!  We get along really well!  No one here knows what boiled peanuts are here except for us.

Our district is really small.  There are only eight Elders and Sisters combined in our group at the MTC who are going to Brazil. Most of the people in our zone are going to Portugal.  Portugal Portuguese sounds gross.

Conference is the coolest thing at the MTC!  There is a special spirit here during conference and you feel peoples love and prayers when the general authorities talk about the missionaries.