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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Week 92 - Brazilian food, computers, and harmonicas

I've tried some interesting things.   I eat a dish called mocotó.  This is a dish made from the foot of a cow.

I eat feijoada all the time.  I love feijoada! It is Brazil's national food.  The original is made with pigs feet, pigs ears, and pretty much every other part you don't usually think of eating.  Its way better that way. But I don't like to eat the weird foods. Here in São Paulo they have a light version of feijoada. It is made with sausage and chunks of beef jerky.  It is so good.

Brazil's national dish - feijoada - light version

More traditional version

We ate food from Chile this week.  It was good too.  It's not that different from Brazilian.


The computer I use everyday is having problems.  It has been dead all day.   I think it has a bad power supply. Somedays it has a flashing light and wont turn on.  If it starts up, two seconds later it dies. But if I leave it unplugged for a couple of hours it works again.  I need to call technical support.

The assistants computer has problems.  It can't pull up the church internet sites.  We haven't had this problem before.  It just started recently. We reset the router a couple of times but it didn't do anything.  When we move it into our office and tried it with the cables we here, it works just fine.  It may be the cables or the router port it is connected to.  The mission president wants to reorganize the office.  We'll rewire or fix it then.

For p-day we went to a music store and afterwards ate sushi. At the music store they sell Hering harmonicas and they look super nice!! Elder Marques bought a blues one for R$95.

Hey ask grandpa what is the brand of harmonicas he wanted me to look for?

Greensleeves - harmonica Hering A

APACHE des SHADOWS à l'harmonica Hering C

[NOTE;  Mission rules don't allow Dallen to search or watch youtube videos.  The youtube videos were added by his dad]