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Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 46 - Shopping, Rain, and a Movie!

I’m at the mission president’s house today.   For p-day we went shopping.  I went to a clothing store for the first time and I so want money to buy clothes. The clothes are way cool here!!!  I want to get some everyday clothes for when I get back.  The church pants are super cheap but I don’t need to buy any pants. I still have a ton I never use.  I can get dress shoes in my size.  My shoes look terrible but I still use them.

I had to buy a new backpack today because mine broke and has been leaving marks on my shirt.  I blew almost all my money on the backpack today. They are so expensive!  I bought a new book bag too because mine was broken.  But that’s about it.

We went to this fishing and knife store. The store is way cool. I did buy a couple cool knives.  One is a sweet switchblade and the other is a butterfly knife.  An Elder took about 40 knives home and a couple of machetes. You just have to declare that you have them when you check your baggage.

It’s raining pretty hard.  Some Brazilians believe you will get sick if you walk in the rain (even if you use an umbrella) so they think we are nuts. We've had crazy rainstorms so we didn't get as much done this week.

One cool thing that happened this week was that we got to watch the movie Meet The Mormons at our conference.

Check out the trailer above.