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Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 45 - Spock Burgers

Last p-day Dallen emailed the following:

This burger place, Spock Burgers, is just a giant Star Trek and Star Wars grill. I’m going to do their burger challenge today. If you eat it in less then 30 minutes it's free, you get a shirt, and go on the wall of fame!

Elder Hammond, The Elder's Quorum President, and Elder Zimmerman

This week he informed us:  

I didn’t win. The problem was I ate with my hands to be faster and I ate from the top of the burger down. In the end I was left with bread, cheddar cheese and eggs.  The cheddar cheese was the canned squeeze cheese.  Space was not the problem.  I had a ton of space left but the taste of the cheese was killing me.  That’s why I couldn’t finish.  I left the bread and cheese for last not knowing it needed something to go with it.  So I didn’t get the shirt and ended up paying 72 reis (about $26.00) for my meal. But, it was way fun and I’m actually going to go back again at the end of the transfer to try again. I know I can win if I just eat it a different way.

The burger challenge beginning.

The other missionary is my District Leader, Elder Zimmerman.  He wasn't able to finish either.  The branch Elder's Quorum President, his wife, and daughter took us.  The Relief Society President also came.

Near the end.
When I was at the temple last week I found some American soda.  It wasn’t what I remembered. My companion, Elder Farias, hated all but the Ginger Ale.  To him, Dr Pepper had the same taste as a medicine.  He said our drinks are too sweet. It was the first time I had soda in a long time.

American sodas.