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Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 43 - Learning Japanese

The heavens opened up today the streets are rivers right now…

Elder Farias drying off
Transfers are tomorrow and I will stay here with Elder Farias for another transfer!!!  I’m pretty excited.  It would of been hard to say goodbye to Elder Farias so I get to at least stay with him one more time! We are like legit brothers.

I know how to cook some stuff. Elder Farias says I should open a Brazilian restaurant when I get back. To make Brazilian desserts all you need is sweetened condensed milk. They use that in literally EVERY dessert.  The cakes here are different. They actually use bread for the cake part but it’s a special kind of bread and it’s super moist.  I learned how to make arroz carreteiro the other day. Its rice mixed with a bunch of meat and stuff. I like to make farofa.  Homemade farofa is great!

I’m learning Japanese from some of the members which is fun. This week I was thinking about someday working as a translator. I would like to travel.  It would be fun. I hope to come home and become poly lingual. I want to learn Italian, Danish (so I can talk with my brother, Brady), Russian, and German. I find learning languages is super easy especially after already learning a second one.