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Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 40 - Portuguese Pokemon and lime trees.

On Christmas Eve we went to the branch secretaries home and ate.  They had a beautiful meal.

Gorgeous Christmas Eve dinner
Today for p-day we went with the  branch president's son to the mall and out to eat at a fancy restaurant.  Then we went to a cathedral. I didn’t know if could take pictures so I didn’t out of respect. We went to a music store and a card store.  Guess what I found?   Portuguese Pokemon cards which I bought.

I found a lime tree.  I figured out the hard way not to get lime juice on you and then go into the sun. It leaves a bruise on your skin. You don’t feel it but apparently it last for 6 months...

Lime tree
For New Years we went to a home and had churrasco.  We watched the fireworks from the house which was on top of a hill.  We got to see all the fireworks from the city of Suzano.  It was way cool.

Barbecuing inside?
I want to go back to the farm.  It was way fun.  We fished with bamboo polls.  The polls didn’t have a fishing real, just some line.  It was way simple, but only took a maximum of three minutes to catch something.

Elder Farias with a fish he caught.