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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Week 36 update - Disaster and the charitable people of Brazil

The house of an investigator burned down to the ground Sunday night. They lost everything.  The family lives here with the husband’s sister, her family, and his dad.  Luckily the part of the house that the kids sleep in wasn’t totally destroyed.

The family does upholstery. They make couches and replace the fabric on furniture.   All their tools, couches, and everything was destroyed so I don’t know what they are going to do for support.

I can’t believe that this happened.  It’s such a terrible thing.  I couldn’t even imagine what I would do in their place.  The crazy thing is they have such a positive attitude about the situation.  It's a miracle the family wasn't hurt.  Another miracle is the father’s dad’s bible survived.  There wasn’t a page destroyed.  I’m hoping we can help get things like clothes and shoes and give them as early Christmas presents.

They are such good people and hold a really special place in my heart.  When we went to what was left of their house they offered us food and everything.  They barely have anything.  This is a cultural thing about Brazil that amazes me.  They help and care for others even when they don’t have anything.