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Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 32 - Crazy and rough.

We might have a baptism here soon! One of our investigators agrees with everything the church teaches.  She just hasn’t received a testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith yet. She is reading the Book of Mormon.  We explained that it is evidence that he was a prophet of God.

I went to São Paulo today with some people from here. Man oh man was it eventful.

First, I’m not getting transferred. I’m staying with Elder Farrias.  This is good because I like him a lot. He is really trunky and down at the moment so it has been a little slow doing mission work lately.

Today going to São Paulo a woman jumped in front of the train we were on.  We had to evacuate the train and sit there while they pulled her from under it. She was still alive. But man was her body mangled. I’m surprised she didn’t get a limb cut off or anything.  One of her legs was for sure broken way bad. She had some pretty deep looking gashes on her legs too but I’m almost 100% sure she will live. She will sure be in a lot of pain though.

True happiness is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I also saw the police jump a thief today and a woman get her jaw busted open. It can be rough here.

I really wanted to visit friends from my old area but I didn’t have a cell phone or that much time because of the woman and the train incident.

Today I went to Bras, which is where many Hispanics live. They make clothing and stuff that is super cheap. I bought two soccer jerseys! One is the Corinthians and the other is the Russian national team.

We still haven’t found a house yet so Elder Farrias and I continue to stay with another set of missionaries and walk back and forth to our area.