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Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 20 - Baptism!!!

Oi! Yeah this week was the freaking bomb for me.

The baptism of the special family was this week!  I got to baptize them.  It was the first time I have baptized anyone.  When I baptized the father, we are both big, and as I immersed him in the water, we created this big wave that soaked a little child sitting up front.

One of the family’s friends came and I have been teaching him.   I have already taught him about the restoration of the gospel.  He doesn’t live in the area, so I can’t go to his house, but whenever he is around we always have good discussions.   He is so cool!

My companion is PERFECT! His name is Elder G. Santos. (We have lots of Santos and Silvas in the mission so we have to use their middle initial.) Elder Santos is from the Bahia! (Bahia is a state on the eastern side of Brazil with the capital city of Salvador).  Many of my Brazilian friends are Bahians or Nordeste.  The special family just baptized and our bishop are some of the people from this state.  One friend, returned from his trip to Bahia this week!  He brought us lots of fruit and things from there! We had legit chocolate. He made chocolate with the cocoa fruit in his house! It was way good!

Elder G. Santos is freaking awesome! He is very obedient. Our teaching pool is the highest it has ever been! He is amazing! He is way funny too!

My clothes are pretty loose. I came here using the very first hole on my belt and now I’m on hole number four.