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Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 15 - Lack of investigators and avocado's

We need investigators and we don't have many.  Contacting just isn't working.  It's hard to do things with church members because they are working all the time. This is the hardest area in the mission. It's funny because in the MTC I always said I wanted the hardest area to prove you can find people to teach.  Now that I have it, I'm not sure I want it...

One of the members works for Cisco.  He just got back from the US and we had lunch with him Saturday.  He took us to this huge mall.  We went to the food court and he told us to buy as much food as we wanted.  I had Pizza Hut.  The pizza is different here.  It was just like oven pizza.  Afterwards he took us out for ice cream at a fancy Argentina ice cream place.  It was way good.  He gave Elder Villca and I a can of root beer. I saved mine and am going to make a root beer float for an investigator.

I gave a talk Sunday on missionary work.  They give you a fancy little card when you give a talk.

We were walking the other day and these huggggeee avocados just fell in front of us.  I mean huge! The pit is like the size of a baseball!