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Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 14 - Elder Villca and a special family

Things are going well with my new companion, Elder Villca!  He is a crazy hard worker!  He has a lot of crazy good ideas too!  I can understand and communicate with him just fine!  We are getting around the area well too.  We have yet to clap any doors. [The missionaries clap in front of the door because of all the fences and bars in front of them].  He doesn't like clapping doors because he has had bad experiences in the past.  He gets nervous doing the door-to-door thing.  He loves street contacting which is funny because it is hard for me.  I love the door-to-door thing.  He is really good at street contacting!  I on the other hand am not.  I'm not sure that street contacting is the best thing for this area because this is a really big tourist spot.  A ton of the people don’t even live here but it's something new and it’s a good thing to learn.  I do it and follow the instructions of my companion.
Elder Villca

Right now we are teaching a special family.  They are angels.  I don’t know what I would do with out them!  We always go over to their house when we have a rough day and all our appointments fall through.  He is always there and he always listens.  He is the best member and he isn’t even a member yet!  He is giving us referrals and he is willing to come out and help us or do splits with us! [Splits are where a couple other people team up with the missionaries so they can “split” and cover twice as many appointments] This doesn’t happen often here.  I love this area so much because of him!

In Alma 36:24-25 it promises that if you do missionary work that you will experience a joy like nothing else!  I testify it is true!