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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Week 97 - New missionaries!

Things are going well!  We have been super busy and it has been crazy here.  We have been swamped with things to do.

My new companion, Elder Hirst, is great.  He’s pretty cool and fun.  He is from Illinois.  I’m training Elder Hirst to take over my responsibilities.  My former companion, Elder Marques, is training his replacement too.

I train by first explaining what we do and why.  Then I show him.  Then I let him try and if it’s something we can do together, I do it with him.  When I was trained, I was shown what to do and then turned loose on everything.  I think it is better to work together if possible.

We took several missionaries to the airport this week.  That was weird.  I had to say goodbye to Elder Homer and Sister Andrade.  That was pretty hard.  We were all so close.  It is different with them gone.  It’s just not the same.

We received a lot of new missionaries.  A new missionary arrived from Georgia on Tuesday. He is from the Sugar Hill Stake.  His family lives near Lake Lanier.

President Silcox is changing everything in the office.  The office layout has changed.  How we do our work has changed.  We won’t stay in the office anymore on our p-day except to email home. Once we email, we will lock up the office.  He is trying to reinforce the idea that the office is not our home or a place to hang out.  We won’t even eat here anymore.

I still haven’t heard anything from Utah State University or Brigham Young University – Provo. Utah State sent me an email about how they were behind schedule and it will probably be awhile before I hear anything.  I’m not sure where I’ll do my undergraduate study.  Brigham Young University – Idaho has accepted me, so it may be there.  I would start April 18th at BYU-I.